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Kanion Small Domestic Appliances Division

Introduces a series of high-end small appliances necessary for every home. Kanion Research & Development Team has undertaken the task of carefully utilizing three key sectors vital to our wellbeing. Cooking Gargets, Air Quality & Robotics

Our scientific team incorporates advances in the three above mentioned sectors, to already existing, widely used products, aiming at improving them. In 2020, Kanion Group launches Kanion Small Domestic Appliances that really get to the point, Including many different types of fans, heaters, air coolers, garment steamers, free standing inductions, blenders, water dispensers & kettles. Outstanding examples among those products are the air purifiers line, with products able to contain even 0.03 micrometer ultrafine particles, the air fryers line that cook food with all the fulfilling taste of fried food, without the health toll & the robot vacuum cleaner, that undertakes to keep home clean, dust free & healthy, without occupying our precious time at home as it can be programmed to do the job at our absence.

Kanion Group of Companies

Kanion Group has become one of the most Recognizable Domestic Brands Globally, initially introduced as an Innovator in the field of Air Conditioners. Today is honored to be recognized as the “Best Air Conditioner Supplier” by “Corporate Vision Magazine” & to be included in the “50 Best Companies of the World to Watch” by “The Silicon Review”. Our goal in Kanion is to bring in every home the crème a la crème of appliances, at affordable price.


In a constant pursue to turn inapproachable, costly technologies into the new norm, we source & assemble only the latest, cutting-edge, technologically advanced parts, while invest our research in environmentally friendly material resources & novel production practices.


Latest technological advances such as Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant Types, Energy Saving 3rd Generation Inverter Compressors, Golden fin or Green Fin Heat Exchangers & Solar Technologies, is the norm in Kanion. Air Conditioners produced by Kanion meet the highest technological, safety & environmental standards. Equally, Kanion products are made under strict regulations set by different countries, thus, providing the global market with air conditioners that meet specific, customized needs. From the below zero temperatures of Northern countries to the hot & humid conditions of tropical & near the equator areas. Most of the Kanion products are ISO, AHRI, Energy Star, CE, ETL, UL, SASO, G-MARK, NEEP, RoHS & Eurovent certified, among others.

Kanion Portfolio expands in all popular categories, from a wide range of Air Conditioners for residencies & small dormitories, to Light & Heavy Commercial Air Conditioners suitable for small businesses, shopping malls, offices, stores, restaurants, cafes, hotels & other public facilities.

Kanion Group supplies & exports the following products to more than 100 countries, under the brand name KANIONco:


Residential Type Air Conditioners: Ductless Wall Split Mounted Type mono & Multiple, Window Type, Floor Standing Type, Portable Type & Dehumidifiers


Light Commercial Type Air Conditioners: Duct Type, Ceiling Cassette Type, Floor Ceiling Type, PTAC & Multiple Free Match Type


Heavy commercial Type Air Conditioners: Water Chillers, Air Chillers, VRF Systems, MINI-VRF Systems, Rooftop Packages & Air to Water Heat Pump Systems.


Solar Air Conditioner: Hybrid Solar & 100% Solar Ductless Wall Split Mounted Type


Small Domestic Appliances: Robot Vacuum Cleaners, Fans, Air Purifiers, Garment Steamers, Air Coolers, Free Standing Inductions, Blenders, Air Flyers, Kettles, Air Heaters & Water Dispensers


    Occupies an area of 20,000 square meters, incorporates 4 production lines with over 1000 employees. Commercial Air Conditioners produced by this Production Base are exported to more than 100 countries. AHRI, CE, ETL, UL, SASO, G-MARK, NEEP, RoHS & Eurovent certified.


    Occupies an area of 38,000 square meters, incorporates 5 production lines with over 1,000 employees. Residential Air Conditioners such as Wall split mounted type, Window type, Portable type, Floor Standing type & Dehumidifiers, produced by this Production Base are exported to more than 100 countries. AHRI, Energy Star, CE, ETL, UL, SASO, G-MARK, NEEP, RoHS & Eurovent certified.


    Occupies an area of 50,000 square meters, incorporates 8 production lines with over 1200 employees, specialized in Small Domestic Appliances production mainly. The Products are exported to more than 100 countries. UL, CE, RoHS certified.

Kanion Group Resources Integration

Kanion Group is experienced in resources integration. By embodying the latest advances of technology in our procedures, we manage to keep low production cost while retaining our high-quality standards. We are committed to providing our buyers a strong competitive advantage over their competitors in global & local markets.

High quality & cost efficiency are not only our main target but also the key to expand our products & brand in the shortest time given.

Kanion Group Research & Development team is currently working on the development of more home appliances with advanced technology & artificial intelligence, that will be available for every budget.

Enhance You Smart Home Experience with Kanion.

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